Personal Portfolio Development

The many versions.

I have designed, developed, and published many versions of this website since my second year of university when I first discovered web development and design.

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I intend to go back in history eventually, I have a ton of old designs that I'd personally love to retrospect.

January 2019 ↗︎

Removed some outdated content from my website. Decided it's time to overhaul this thing I like to call a portfolio.

Note to self: You should feel really proud of your work. Aim for that in your future work.

February 2019 ↗︎

Removed old content from my website. I shake my head at myself, but I had Theatre on the Edge shows listed in the hero section.

Note to self: don't list specific dates on your portfolio site.

March 2019 ↗︎

Updated my site to show that I am working on it. The intention with the countdown is to keep in mind not to show specific dates. I have a fall-back for the countdown to disappear should the date pass, just in-case life gets the best of me.

Included a copy of my resume on the home page to make it available for anyone to download. Began to include old projects as low-hanging fruit to begin to populate my website. I have completed one so far for my role at Heelboy, a Canadian shoe store.

Note to self: Document your entire process in future versions while you're working. 

April 2019 ↗︎

I am working on developing the copy to accompany a case study from my position at Focus21.

More code, more content, more colour! In this version, I've updated my home page to include the projects I've completed to date. The launch countdown has been moved from the home page to this meta portfolio page.

After testing this new version along with the additional pages, I'll be publishing this version as my brand-new home page for the month of April while I finish the remaining projects, pages, and site information architecture.

I discovered this fantastic tool called which is an open source website for vector illustrations, and they have recently launched Undraw for Adobe XD. I customized these illustrations to match each portfolio project and have added these to the temporary home page.

Staging Site ↗︎

At any point in time, check out my staging site to see what I'm currently working on.

Prepare to Launch.

I'm currently working on my portfolio to add new projects from my most recent position at Focus21. Until then, I'd love the opportunity to show and discuss these projects in person.

Get in touch with me anytime.

If you're really interested, you can book a calendar time with me using the button below. Otherwise, please e-mail me at [email protected]